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Name Position Phone Biography
Miss Verna A. Gray Founder/Executive Director/Principal (973) 824-6661 Read Biography
Mr. Christopher T. Pringle Assistant Director (973) 824-6661  
Ms. Karen Milteer Business Administrator (973) 824-6661  




Grade/Assignment Staff Member Assistant
Kindergarten Mrs. Ming Mrs. N. Nuzzo
Kindergarten Miss Houston Mrs. Salas
First Mrs. Groome Mrs. Davis
First Mrs. Klein Mrs. Simmons-Curry
Second Mrs. Redd  
Second Mrs. Soares  
Third Ms. Darius Mrs. Johnson
Third Ms. Fernandez Ms. Hutchins
Fourth Ms. Zink  
Fourth Ms. Brown Mrs. Rocchio
Fifth Ms. Michel Mrs. La Guerre & Mrs. McCants
Sixth Mrs. Perez Mrs. Wright
Sixth Ms. McCall  
Seventh Ms. Sorensen  
Seventh Mrs. Linenberg  
Eighth Ms. Orlando  
School Nurse Mrs. Cosenzo  
Social Worker Ms. White  
ESL   Mrs. Marin
Basic Skills Mrs. Esposito  
Basic Skills Mrs. Lopez  
Speech Mrs. Hamoff  
Music Mrs. James  
Physical Education Mr. Herbert  
Main Office Mrs. M. Nuzzo  
Business Office Ms. Mercado  
Food Services Manager Mrs. Sanders Ms. Baldwin
Custodian Mr. Batts  
Custodian Mr. Judy  
Security Mr. Dada  
NOTE: To ensure the continuity of instruction, teaching will not be interrupted to receive phone calls, or unscheduled visits. Please contact the main office at (973) 824-6661, and the teacher will return your call during non-instructional time.




Miss Gray
Miss Verna A. Gray

Miss Verna A. Gray


Miss Verna A. Gray – Founder, Executive Director, and Principal of The Gray Charter School was born in Newark but grew up in Orange, New Jersey.


Miss Gray earned a B.A. Degree from Rutgers University Newark College of Arts and Science. She earned a Masters Degree in Administration and Supervision from Montclair State University. She also has a Master Equivalency in Urban Education from William Paterson University. She has several licenses including Music Education, Elementary Education, a Principal’s License, and a Supervisor’s License. Miss Gray taught Music Education, grades K-8 for seven years in the Newark Public Schools. She also taught Elementary Education, grades K-8 for seventeen years. This is a total of 24 years teaching experience in the Newark Public Schools. Miss Gray has recently been honored; she appeared in National’s Register’s Who’s Who in Executives and Professionals 2003-2004 Edition.


From the time Miss Gray entered into the profession of educating children, she was destined to play a vital role in shaping young lives for the good of society. She was a super teacher who refused to be average. Miss Gray had a drive to always continue to strive for excellence in order to truly educate disadvantaged inner-city children. After 24 years teaching in the Newark Public School System, Miss Gray felt that it did not offer enough to the children. So she started and opened a public school herself.


Miss Gray founded and opened The Gray Charter School in Newark, New Jersey on September 5, 2000 at the urging of parents who wanted true choice in public education for their children. She trained dedicated teachers who believed in making every child an achiever. Although The Gray Charter School is a public school, Miss Gray, who is an education expert, runs the school like an elite private school. She truly is making a difference in children’s lives. Miss Gray has high standards but achievable goals for the children of The Gray Charter School. For example, the children in all grades, K-8 read the classics, non-fiction literature, and biographies. They give a book report on one book every week or 4 books a month, totaling nearly 2 million words in a year of reading. Miss Gray believes that one day these children will be leaders because they are learning how to read well, think critically, and communicate effectively with people. Thus, literacy brings freedom.


The Gray Charter School has only been open for 10 years, but has achieved remarkable success.


On the NJ ASK State Test the third graders are 90% proficient in Reading and 97% in Mathematics. All students who took the NJ ASK State Test met or exceeded the NJ State Department of Education’s Annual Yearly Progress score for all ten years the school has been open. The Gray Charter School has been nominated as a NJ Distinguished Title I school. Miss Gray and the Gray Charter School’s students have appeared twice on News 12 Spotlight NJ to discuss and display their outstanding achievement.


Miss Gray was the recipient of two awards. The 2005 Legendary Principals Award of Excellence and the 2007 Excellence in Education award for her strong leadership and tireless dedication to the children of Newark by the New Jersey Education Consortium.